• Kaylie

Caffinated Lip Balm?

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I admit, I am an espresso addict so when I saw the opportunity to try Treat Beauty's Mocha caffeinated lip balm I was excited.

Whether or not this lip balm actually perks people up, it notably is one of the best balms available. My lips were noticeably healthier after a few days with this product.

“What are you using on your lips? They look healthier!”

I struggle with chronic chapped lips and suffer from Exfoliative Cheilitis. I have tried over a hundred balms and lip masks. Seriously, well over 100. Hands down, Treat Beauty has the best balm.

What Makes it Unique?

There is something very special about Treat Beauty Balms. I have tried many balms with the same ingredients and did not experience the same results. This particular balm contains coffee extract which is not commonly found in lip balms. Coffee itself has antioxidants so I think it is possible this contributes to why this balm is better.

Speaking of coffee, this balm TASTES LIKE COFFEE! It is simply delicious and very kissable! It will boost your confidence instantly because it instantly moisturizes, creates a barrier, and tastes good if you are about to make an impression "wink wink"!

This balm is also HUGE. Gone are the days of searching all over your purse for a tiny tube. All of Treat Beauty balms are 4 inches long! They are also modestly priced around $14.

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