• Kaylie


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If you are in the market for Tieks, you have most likely encountered blogs or vlogs about Crane flats. I admit, I was drawn to the pricing of Crane, but there is just something about Tieks that have that edge. The edge happens to be a well known reputable brand. Crane a few years back was a legend. A secret back room product sold off Instagram and email exchanges. It really turned me off. Then, I saw a brand new pair on Poshmark in my size and color I wanted so, I bought them.

Now, Crane has a facebook page and finally A WEBSITE. So, it is becoming more legitimate, but their color and size limitations make it difficult to order from them online in comparison to Tieks. For example, when I was on their website, they had 4 color options. Tieks has well over 20 and releases limited edition colors. So if you are looking for a specific color, Tieks is more likely to have that special piece.

Lets dive into the structural differences.

Crane's rubber bottoms are a fuschia purple color and Tieks are teal.

Crane's logo is on the top rubber sole, Tieks on the bottom.

Crane's rubber pads are longer than Tieks.

Crane's rubber bottoms are a fuchsia purple color and Tieks are teal.

Crane has more noticeable stitching on the rubber soles and there is one minor flaw where it looks loose.

Crane has suede on the bottom, tieks has genuine leather.

Crane has a stitched label logo, Tieks has an engraved logo.

Crane is not genuine leather inside, Tieks are.

Crane has small fine stiching, Tieks has cosmetic large hand stitching

Cranes have a higher back with a different fit than Tieks. Overall, Crane has a tighter/smaller fit than Tieks. This could be good or bad depending on your foot considering neither one offers half sizes. I am a 7.5 but both pairs of these shoes are 8s. The Tieks do slip off occasionally on me whereas Crane does not, but I cannot confidently say they should be labeled an 8.

Crane's stitching at the top front is messy. Tieks is tight and aligned. This stitching on the Cranes makes it a tight fit in the front.

Overall, I like both brands, but Tieks is a higher quality product with better service, thus the higher price points. I love that they both have different color bottoms and I cannot wait to purchase more!