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Double Wear Double Stare

I don't know why I avoided trying this foundation for so long given the hype, but I finally went over to my local Macy's and let them color match me. Color matching is by far one of the biggest frustrations of finding foundation and Estee Lauder has a device which scans your skin in 3 areas and calculates the closest color match. My match for winter was desert beige. Immediately the associate grabbed a brush and swirled it all over my face which at the time had a few pigmentation issues. It covered them flawlessly WITH the exception of my under eyes. The coverage was good, but not perfect. She then told me about their concealer pen and wiped it under my eyes. I was not impressed. At the end of the interaction I bought the foundation and left with a craving of more information on this line, so I went elsewhere.

When I arrived at Ulta, I was greeted by a busy woman who was a self proclaimed Este Lauder expert. I believed it considering she was busy building a package for a woman at the time of the greeting. Unfortunately, she was a little too helpful and was stuck with that woman for about an hour! Considering their was an open mirror and a clean sponge, I decided to try something creative; apply the Maximum Coverage Camouflage in my color as an under eye concealer! It looked fabulous. As I shopped around looking for other products to test out (and yes I will share them with you), a beautiful bronzed blonde beauty approached me asking if I still needed assistance with Estee Lauder. I was so anxious to leave, I consented and she had a different opinion on what to purchase. She agreed my color was desert beige but asked to apply 2 other colors on my face. I agreed. And I then purchased one of those other colors! It was my deeper "sister-shade" and it will be a perfect match once I get some sun or if I want a deeper look without bronzer. So overall, I have two double wear Stay in Place Foundations and one Maximum Cover Camouflage. I really want to try the Double Wear Nude, but I will leave that for a different day.

Now this is a very VERY important message about these products. Absolutely, never ever apply them heavily or in haste. I ran out one morning and threw some of these on quickly and blended sloppily and did not have the best lighting at the time. Two hours later, I found myself staring back at myself in a fitting room mirror about to cry of embarrassment. Readers, this product is very high maintenance. If you apply too much product and think you can just blend it out you will regret it; especially the Maximum Cover Camouflage. I could see distinct lines between the 2 foundations and it was aging me because it was emphasizing any fine lines and I swear it added some! So PLEASE, pay attention, take your time, use with caution, and do not over apply or under blend. It is also very difficult to blend once it has settled and is somewhat drying. I typically do not like drying makeup, but I find my skin has cleared up a little with this foundation which is an unexpected perk.

Don't know if this is right for you? Go try it out at your local Macy's or Ulta! Once you know your shade, you can also purchase on Birchbox and get your points! Also available on amazon!

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