• Kaylie

Hide your Toys in Legos!

Yes the title says it all; did you know that there are official giant LEGOs which are not only storage containers, but double as giant toys! I was skeptical at first as far as practicality and whatnot but here are main thing you should know before buying here:

They can hold all types of toys and can be used to create a storage system that is organized and more compact than other toy boxes and bins. Again, I was skeptical, until I realized that almost all of Liam's toys aside from the really large toys all could fit inside of the Legos. We keep them organized by keeping types of toys in different colors and sizes. We currently have one size 4 Lego ( square with 4 connecting circles on top) and one size 8 (rectangle with 8 connective circles on top) so he can select the smaller in when he is not going to commit to a large build and vise versa. TIP: put packing tape over the open crevices in the LEGO storage rick on the inside so small LEGOs do not sacrifice themselves to fill that void.

They are STURDY. Liam enjoys stacking and playing with these giant bricks which leaves all of the toys inside vulnerable to spilling all over the place. Luckily, these storage bricks' lids do not easily slide off. I would not say they are difficult... but it might take your little one practice to understand how to open them. Liam has literally thrown these Legos around without them opening! They also are heavy duty in the fact that Liam "builds chairs" and puts a pillow on them and can sit on them without them developing any stress fractures!

They are not easy to find to purchase. Rarely, you might find the red or green brick in a store, but ordering from Amazon ( click here ) is the easiest and offers a wide variety of colors. HOWEVER, pricing on colors changes often and I cannot give you insight as to why one color is double the price.

Creative uses: Dog gate (Liam's idea as shown in photos), Candy bucket for Halloween or party (as shown with our skeleton head), and chair as mentioned before.

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