• Kaylie

Instant Garbage

Instant garbage. You feel guilty buying it because it was a waste and then you are too embarrassed to go back to return a $2-15 item. They know this cycle. Appeal to the consumer, make broken promises, literally create products that break, and price them at low cost to the consumer. The wish app is notorious for clogging our landfills. $2 for a speaker comparable to Sonos? Really? Did you believe it would have deep bass and wouldn't be muffled? It sounds like a tin can. Or did you believe it would actually connect to your phone? Instant garbage. $10 for a purse that looks like Chanel? Love the smell of chemicals, enjoy dye rubbing off on your pants, and have a seam rip within a week? Perfect! You like instant garbage.

Why does this matter?

1. You work (usually) for your money. You vote with your dollar. What ever you buy profits from your purchase. The store/app you buy it from also makes a profit. SO support ethical companies paying employees decent wages that have quality control and do things for their community. Most companies that can produce insanely low cost products are inhumane and the product may contain chemicals that are questionable, or even worse, known toxins. Really. Companies distribute products with known toxins because the regulation (here in USA) is not as strict as you probably want it to be. (ALSO ANOTHER BIG REASON NOT TO BUY IT)

2. The cycle of consuming and disposing is time consuming. If you purchase a quality product, it will last and you can go out and enjoy other facets of your life.

3. It is REALLY HORRIBLE for the world we live on (and will continue living on for now). Look up how long it takes for plastics to decompose. If you repurpose it, kudos to you, but ~95% of people do not recycle their plastics properly so they can be reutilized and they end up in the soil or water contaminating a large space. And no, do not use the excuse that you just put it in a drawer...

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