• Kaylie

Love lush? Try this alternative! Dermure

I am a spa and bath addict. I love new experiences and aromas, and I absolutely LOVE natural exfoliation! At home, having an assortment of soaps and skin bars allows me to enjoy different textures and scents. If I need to relax I can reach for a calming vanilla or lavender scented bar. A detox session; salt soaks and exfoliation bars.

I have been looking for a new line to add to my collection other than my typical go-to: LUSH. I tried multiple soaps from watermelon oil soap and perfumed soaps from Paris, but it was not until I met a local woman who mastered the artistry of soap making when I finally knew... this was my new must have! Dermure.com

Dermure's line of body bars are one of the only soap lines that can not only act as mini sculptures in your bathroom, but actually benefit your skin. I often see pretty soaps but they are just hunks of glycerine and dye. Then, there are the body care bars by LUSH which are awesome, but they by no means are something you want on display for others to see in you bathroom. In fact, when I first saw Dermure soaps, it was in a bathroom where they are on display and I thought to myself wow are those soaps beautiful. Little did I know the bathroom I was in belonged to the owner and creator of Dermure!

After learning this, I was treated to a tour of where the magic happens. I learned about Tallow and how it has to cure for a long period of time in order to achieve the correct firmness. I struggle with dry skin in the winter season, so learning that Tallow is a powerful moisturizer immediately elevated my interest to learn more. I discovered it is currently a renewable resource and a byproduct packed with antioxidants and vitamins. The first time I lathered up with one of the bars, I immediately noticed how silky it made my skin feel and that it was not excessively stripping away moisture as many soaps do.

Another fun fact about this company is that they make adorable soaps for special events and kids! Soap always makes a perfect gift! I wish I would have known for my wedding so I could have used them as take away gifts.

I use a few of Dermure's body products, here are my thoughts:

Blueberry Exfoliator Bar: Out with the old, in with the new (skin)! With ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and strawberry seeds, I knew the combination was extremely beneficial for my skin. The first two uses, I thought, okay this is moisturizing but the exfoliation too subtle. It was not until the third use when this bar began to show it's true personality! The strawberry seeds pack a punch and feel satisfyingly rough. After a few uses I noticed a nice healthy glow from my skin. This is due to the fact that Tallow is filled with vitamins and antioxidants and the coconut oil and olive oil help sanitize the skin and transport the nutrition to lower levels of my skin while the strawberry seeds scrub off dead skin cells.

If you love Lush's Cherrylish, you HAVE to try this.

Pumice Bar: I love to scrub; I love this bar! Thought I was in for a treat when

I discovered Lush's pumice power, but Dermure's bar is superior because it is WAY WAY prettier, doesn't leave orange rings on your tub, will outlast the Lush bar by at least 20 or more uses, smells better, and it is the perfect amount of pumice. If you love Lush's pumice power you HAVE to try this!

Sugar Mama: Sugar scrubs are miracle workers for my skin. When I was pregnant, I used a sugar scrub on my stomach every day and my now nonexistent stretch marks thank sugar scrubs for the magic as it helped assist with my skin's elasticity. My main complaint about most sugar scrubs are that they have too many purposeless ingredients and that they are too watery. Sugar Mama is the most dense sugar scrub I have used. It is so dense it reminds me of a great salt scrub! It leaves my skin hydrated and the citrus smell is a great pick me up! I have used it a few times and I can tell I will get more use out of it than other sugar scrubs in the same size container.

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