• Kaylie

Macaron cocktails

13 Rue Lincoln 75008 Paris

Laduree is a cliché when visiting Paris, but one which is so delicious you should not forgo it and you NEED to be that tourist that indulges in anything you can afford here. While most tourists file in a line and pass through the small shop and pick out which flavor macarons they want in a box, we decided to take a seat and enjoy Laduree in the moment. When our turn finally arrived, we were informed only the bar was available for seating. We immediately agreed to their offer once we discovered they offered macaron cocktails! Around 25 euro a cocktail, I almost gave myself diabetes by drowning my taste buds in the Pisatche and Vanilla cocktails. I also tried the raspberry French toast with rose mousse which was delectable!

Enjoy Laduree world wide or by visiting their shop online: