• Kaylie

Need a bigger breakfast in paris?

In Paris, you can get a noisette and croissant and maybe an omlette, but if you want a hearty breakfast or brunch, Holybelly is the spot!

Coffee with fruity and nutty tones, BACON, sunny side up eggs, and pancakes in Paris?!

Holybelly is a cute breakfast/brunch spot nestled at 5 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris, France. This small spot felt exclusive with a line before they opened on a Tuesday and people waiting for a seat the entire time we dined. You have to wait outside the doors until a table frees up! Although the flavors were not typical to our taste from Chicago, I enjoyed the sweet and salty combo they created in my savory stack (only 13.50 Euro)!

Find out why I am saying their coffee and food is unique by learning their story at:


On your next trip to Paris, make sure to stop ay Holybelly!