• Kaylie

nourish your skin

Ever buy a skincare product and a few weeks and you wonder "is this working, maybe it is improving maybe I do look younger or my skin has evened out"... STOP. Get a product where you can confidently KNOW your skin has become visibly healthier. Everyone responds differently to skincare product so as a disclaimer, this review is of my own experience. This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for more information.

I have tried hundreds of skin care products. Most purchased out of desperation hoping for a miracle, others from my Birchbox or Ipsy subscriptions. I began to notice that certain types of products worked towards different flaws and thus I began exploring what compounds "ingredients" were responsible for the desired results I was seeking. Combination skin allows me to understand how different ingredients and products interact with different skin conditions. If one area is oily, yet the other dry, and I apply the same product, I can see how it behaves in both environments.

The first obvious ingredient that was clearing up and detoxing my face was Kaolin. Mud masks. Some worked better than others, but the ones which worked best listen Kaolin and their first (primary) ingredient. Although this miracle mud was clearing up breakouts, it was overly drying left my skin thirsty. Who knew getting "dirty" could make you clean? Some of my favorite mud masks that I have tried include: Kiel's Rare Earth Deep Cleansing Masque, Mario Badescu Drying Mask, Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay, and Formula Ten Deep Down Detox.

In most products, you will notice the number one ingredient is water. Let's talk about the problem with this. Water does not penetrate most layers of the skin. It does not work as a carrier, therefore it is not really helping those other ingredients get to where they need to go. It is amazing that a product has rose hip oil... but when extremely diluted with water it does not have the same results as if used alone or with other product which do act as carriers. My personal favorite ingredient which penetrates ALL layers of the skin is aloe. If the product has aloe as the number one ingredient then you can be excited to know it will hydrate, help with inflammation, and help kill bacteria by itself. Now imagine this as the main ingredient WITH other great ingredients! My point? If you are not allergic to aloe, find a product which has it listed as the number one ingredient for lotions and cleansers.

My Favorite place to shop for clean beauty: AILLEA

One product line that I am loving now is Avalon Organics. Years ago I purchased a milk cleanser that melted into my skin and had a burst of citrus that instantly made me happy. Then I forgot what it was and recently rediscovered it! I have now graduated from that product line into their Wrinkle Defense line because I want to believe I can look this young forever. My new routine goes as follows:


Morning: Wash with cleansing milk, tone, daily moisturizer

Evening: Wash with oil cleanser, tone, serum, night moisturizer

Twice a week: Kelp/seaweed scurb made from seaweed/kelp powder and pieces DIY with aloe and sugar

Problematic days with acne appearing: Mario Badescu Healing Powder spot treatment


Daily: Soap products by Dermure ( Dermure.com ), Lush Charity Pot lotion (Because EVERY purchase for this product goes towards a cause)

Every other day: Dermure Sugar Mama lemon sugar scrub