• Kaylie

Pampered in the kitchen

Pampered Chef... everyone has heard of it and everyone thinks "Tupperware party", but I LOVE their random tools and utensils! The love started when my mom gave me a gift (among many) for my first kitchen in college, the core and more. I used that tool every day. EVERY DAY. It scoops off the leaves on a strawberry with ease and it is so clean when it scoops... it is magical. The easiest way to buy is online!

The Core and More is a versatile dual sided tool. Both sides scoop. One is smaller with sharp prongs to tear through skin or tougher textures and the other is larger with the perfect shape to scoop out all kinds of goodness from avocados, zucchini/squash, melons (make melon ball salad), yams, potatoes, cucumbers, bananas and on and on.

A new product to the catalog is the Nylon Straining Ladle. The name gives it away, but it strains on one side and pours on the other (bonus). I love 2 in one tools so this was a no brainier when I bought it. It is easy to stock up on kitchen utensils, but this helps minimize your inventory as a multitask-er. EXTRA multipurpose: it holds 1 cup (250 mL) so you can have an idea of the portions you are pouring!

What kind of Italian-American or Chicagoan would I be if I didn't have a good pizza pie cutter? It is more difficult than most will admit to find a good cutter. Some fall apart, some don't cut... you know (and I know you know because there are so many terrible pizza cutters out there). I was in the market for a new cutter and I saw this multipurpose cutter that would also be useful for baking! The "crust cutter" on the back of the tool is perfect for cutting dough of all types! Circling back to the issue of terrible pizza cutters (get it... circling back... like a pizza wheel cutter...) this cutter has a 3 year warranty!

Another new creation introduced this year is the Mix N' Chop. The tool looks a little gimmicky, but it works, it works very well! I cannot stand trying to seperate and mix ground beef in a pan with a typical spatula, and now that I have used the Mix N' Chop for this, I can confidently promote and gift this item because it makes cooking more enjoyable and easy. This also works well to mash and mix ( and I HATE whisks so I gladly reach for this every time when I am mashing and mixing potatoes and even eggs but that one is a personal issue).

Pamper your kitchen! Pampered Chef offers high quality products that are not overpriced for their quality.