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Paris Packing

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Of course I want to look amazing on my 2 week trip to Paris so I am packing more than my usual minimalistic outfits, but I still managed to fit a large majority of my outfits in my personal bag! With a United Economy ticket, I am only allowed one personal bag and one checked bag. I know I will be tempted to buy a lot of souvenirs, so I packed a carry on inside of my checked bag because my flight home allows a personal bag, carry on, and checked bag! PERFECT! I made sure that both the checked bag and carry on were extremely light weight so I could still fit a few pieces in the carryon inside for my flight to Paris without paying baggage overweight fees.

Black is my base color. Ask anyone that sees me on a daily basis and they will tell you I am ALWAYS wearing black. Black is a common clothing color on the streets of Paris so outfitting with black will help me blend in when I feel like exploring the city or want to sit down and enjoy a crepe at the park. Stripes are also very common in Paris so I found a few striped pieces that I love that I can mix and match with my black clothing. The key to packing is to have versatile pieces that all blend well together. I easily have more than 20 beautiful simple outfits that I can arrange and feel comfortable in.

Because I also want to stand out on occasion, say at a nice night gathering or a museum party, I am bringing along some of my favorite statement pieces for when I want the attention. Loud pop of floral colors and a glittery Kate Spade clutch are what I chose. This clutch is hard-shelled and cannot be easily opened. It also has a gold metal chain so I dare any pickpocketer to cut the strap off and try to take a run for it! My Ted Baker floral pieces are so beautiful they belong in the art museum, hence why I plan on wearing them during my museum visits! I also have jewelry pieces that can transform a simple outfit into a night out outfit or a fun edgy/artsy outfit

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