• Kaylie

Recent Amazon Haul

It seems that everyone is interested in "hauls" so, here I am talking about my recent Amazon haul.

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Joseph and Joseph Drawer Organizers

I finally snapped and decided it is time to upgrade my organizers in my kitchen drawers.

As a mother, loose knives or knives laying flat on their sides with their blades exposed give me anxiety. Joseph and Joseph offer a drawer organizer that is affordable and sleek where you can easily slide knives in and out without having to worry about cutting your finger. It accommodates larger knives as well (I have my larger sushi cutting knives in it now).

I am uncertain how I feel about the organizer holding our eating utensils. I like how it condenses all of them and saves space in the drawer... but it can only hold so many of each utensil which can make it feel "clogged" if you have too many forks, spoon, knives in it. 12 of each seem to be the magic number for my set, which can run out quickly so I feel as if I might need to purchase another. Everyone also has to get use to the layout and remember which hole holds what type because you cannot see what you are grabbing. You also have to make sure you have enough height in your drawer or else the back of the utensils might "catch the drawer" and it will jam (this has only happened once to me but now I am aware of it). Overall though, I still like how unique it is and how condensed it is.

Silky Handbag/Hair Scarves

I have always loved the Hermes silk scarves and one day might purchase one. But let's be honest, that is not responsible in my current life, so I settled for these pretty faux designer pattern silky scarves. I loved that I could purchase a kit with different color schemes so when I want to be neutral, I have a few options, but I still have my wild orange/pink/blue option as well when I feel more quirky!

Belted Tee-Shirt Dress

I love casual dresses. I prefer wearing dresses everyday because it is so easy. Slip it on and you look instantly put together. This dress is a perfect combo of chic and casual. I also found a dupe on Shein which is slightly different but worth mentioning.

Color Block Tank

Speaking of Shein, I purchased a tank on Amazon, really liked it and wanted another color and I found the same tank on Shein. So if you are shopping on either platform, you can try this tank out. It has a looser fit, but still looks nice (not cheap looking). It also goes great with Lilly Pulitzer prints!

Blue Light Glasses

I stare at devices all the time. I finally bought blue-light filtering glasses. The 2 pack was really affordable and both look cute and work great! I have always struggled with seeing text on projector screens and with these glasses I can finally see the text well!

Giant Lego Storage Bin

Read my other post on these gems!

Great Big Fun Minecraft Workbook

Looking for a fun workbook for your Minecraft lover? This book has it all! Practice writing, math problems, and more! Liam was actually excited about it and knows his 0-20 addition and subtraction before Kindergarten!

Multi-wear Dress

I owned a black multi way dress for years but it is too small and short so I thought I would search Amazon for a replacement and found one for under $20 which was crazy cheap compared to years ago! This one is perfect to dress up or even wear casually! I love the idea of being able to use this dress if I ever had limited luggage and needed a multi-functional dress (strange thought but I totally obsess over the thought or reversible and multi-wear clothing in a backpack while traveling).

Hello Glow Book

I am really into natural remedies lately and this book sums everything up beautifully and has tons of recipes! I just adore it. I also LOVE her blog check it out here.

Joseph Joseph Nesting Colanders

There is something so intriguing about this brand. I wash ALL my veggies and fruit by spraying them down with a produce spray and then rinse it off. These 2 sizes are perfect for us for berries and whatnot. I use it ALL the time now and it makes my rinsing so much easier.