• Kaylie

Resort Wear for Women Purchasing Guide (and other things too)

Although I have posted on this topic previously (which is still a great read), I wanted to create a guide which has current links to products you can currently purchase vs reading my recommendations and shopping yourself. Think of this as a personal shopping experience!This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for more information.

The resort wear I am suggesting in this article is specific to tropical climates near bodies of water.

Sexy Black Maxi

Perfect for wearing during the day or for a nice dinner, this Maxi is versatile and looks incredible with statement necklaces and belts! Depending on how you accessorize it, you can get away with wearing it more than once without anyone noticing!

Pockets and Exposed Shoulders with Sleeves Flowy Maxi Dress:

Some of you want to cover your top arms but show a cold shoulder. This is for you. AND it has pockets! Available in many colors, why only settle for one?

Lilly Pulitzer Stemless Wine Glass

Classy and necessary, everyone knows this designer who is a resort legend! Although not everyone can afford this brand's clothing, you can still flash this tumbler anywhere on the resort! Perfect for cocktails or lemonade!

Lilly Pulitzer Larger Tumbler with Straw

Laughed at the last item because you need a real hydration solution? Here is a larger Lilly for you!

Tank Tops

Pink, blue, black, white, orange, any or all of them... you will need a variety of tank tops. I found this one is affordable and good quality with a versatile fit for multiple body types. It is perfect with palazzo pants, shorts, and skirts and can be dressed up or used casually! I adore this teal color on my olive skin and dark complexion!

Swim Shoes

I wore my cheap swim shoes more than I would like to admit, but I would but them 100 times over and recommend them to anyone. No they may not last 5 full vacations, but they will last at least one and it will be worth it.

The Perfect (Affordable) Swimsuit

With mix and match options and a wide variety of styles, shopping for resortwear on cupshe is a one stop shop!

Tory Burch Sandals

I like well made designer goods, and the Miller sandal by Tory Burch is worth every penny. Available in a ton of colors, you cannot go wrong. I opted for gold because metallic are a great neutral that can elevate any look and match any color.

Tropical Pattern Dress

Are you catching a pattern here? DRESSES! Bring dresses....

Cupshe also offers tons of cute dresses click here


Jumpsuits are also popular and sleek and comfortable! This one is available in solid colors and patterns and has a casual fit with ties at the shoulders and at the waist making it more sophisticated and elegant. The palm leaf one looks fabulous on many types of bodies in the review photos, check it out!

Casual Comfy Walking Shorts

Pair them with a tank to complete a casual cute look. The key thing to focus on here is COMFY, you are going on vacation...

Lilly Pulitzer Shorts

For a fun designer printed short, opt for Lilly Pulitzer! BEWARE you need great tanks (like the ones above) and tops to pull this look off!

Quality Sunglasses - Maui Jim

I have tried many brands of sunglasses. Maui Jim is by far one of my favorites. Whatever you wear... whatever you buy for sunglasses, no matter how cute they are... PLEASE make sure it has real UV protection!

Towel Bag

This is one that is readily available... I opted for a Lilly Pulitzer version. I love that I can use it as a towel if for whatever reason I do not have a towel and need one, but I also like that I do not have to worry about it ruining if it gets damp. I do use waterproof bags inside of it with all my goodies, but the external is a towel!

Facial Spray - Mario Badescu

I use this daily regardless of if I am at a resort, but you NEED this when you are out in the sun all day! Aloe, cucumber, and green tea all counteract the damage from the sun and help sooth burns which means it doubles as a sunburn relief spray!

For a more luxurious facial mist for everyday try Once Ocean's Blue Light Protection + Hydration Mist - What makes this spray unique is it also protects against blue light emmitted by blue light on cell phones

Coola Travel Kit

Sunscreen that smells AHMAZING and is free of harmful hidden chemicals like many other sunscreens, SPF lip balm, after sun lotion, and a travel pouch!

Playa Hair Products

This is my go to hair products for when I want to rock a beachy look. The Endless summer spray is a must for styling when vacationing at a resort. I personally cannot stand the hotel hair care no matter how appealing they try to make it, it is usually not good quality. Usually.

PhytoPlage Hair Protector

THIS is one of my favorites. I LOVE Patrick Ale's line PHYTO. It will transform your hair if you use it regularly and stay loyal to only their brand, but it may not fit every budget. This oil protects your hair from damage and leaves it frizzless which I desperately always need.

RMS beauty uncover-up

This coconut oil based creme will melt into your face and give you a flawless natural look with light SPF protection (and hydration and antiseptic properties). I have a whole blog article on it so read that to learn more. I also suggest their highlighter and pigments as well! I travel with the Luminzer x-quad as well.

Eyeko Waterproof Mascara and Eyeko Waterproof Eyeliner

Be prepared for anything. With high humidity and unexpected splashes, you cannot risk non-waterproof makeup if you are looking for a deeper eye makeup look.

Aloe Infused Makeup Remover

Created to clean mascara off of lash extensions, this makeup remover gently removes waterproof makeup and you can use it if you did splurge on faux lashes for your trip! Jo Mouselli offers high quality makeup as well and I highly recommend trying it out.


Duh. Bring a few.

Statement Graphic Tee

Cute and fun, perfect for the sun. This tee is a great cover up or is a great piece for those who are "teeshirt" lovers.

Kimono Cover-up

This piece is perfect for covering up a swim suit or as an extra layering piece at night when it begins to cool off.

Floppy Sun Hat

Protect your skin, protect your eyes, oh and look cute doing it. I can't imagine laying on y back sunbathing without putting a floppy hat over my face!