• Kaylie


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I have better recommendations for stay at home products than just toilet paper!

1. Bidet

Let's think about this. A great alternative to toilet paper is the bidet. Not only is it more cost effective, your bum with thank you too. There are plenty of doctors who claim bidets are better for cleaning yourself and not irritating your skin as much as toilet paper. So, take the plunge (ha) and buy a bidet! Or if you want to be extreme... a toto toilet!

Okay okay... let's get to the good stuff...

2. I have had great success with Aerogarden. This is a low maintenance hydroponic food system that yields produce quickly (much much faster than growing it in your back yard). They also have a large scale Aerofarm available. Why hoard canned goods when you can grow fresh produce and can yourself if necessary! From tomatoes to fresh salad, you will not only find joy in watching the process of growth with your garden and feel joy, but you also might eat a little healthier too! No need to worry about who handles your produce or how to wash it... you plant you and harvest it.

3. Velour/Velvet "sweat" pants (and this is for all genders well, lounge wear in general)! Hear me out, I have lounged my whole life in silk and velour when lounging at home, even when I was a young child fashionista ( I still remember my pink velour jumpsuit when I was about 10, thinking I looked like J-lo - "cause I'm real"). Most people shy away from more luxurious feeling fabrics because they have never tried them. I am here to tell you, TRY it. It feels incredible, not stale and itchy like a lot of other fabrics out there. There is also a smidge of luxuriousness associated with the right velour/velvet pant.

4. HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer | Kills Up to 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses at The DNA Level | Multi-Use Functionality| Mercury and Chemical Free Sanitizing bag. This description pretty much explains it all... sanitize phones,

pacifiers, jewelry, etc

More on the way! Check back later!