• Kaylie

Tech Toys

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You will read about the anti-plastic toy movement. Forget that nonsense. Fisher Price has wowed our family and Liam agrees that Fisher Price's tech toys are worth the price!

Our first Fisher Price tech toy was the Think and Learn Smart Scan Chameleon. This adorable talking chameleon illuminates into different colors when it "scans" a color. For example, if you press the scan button when the paint brush is on top of a red item, the body of the chameleon will illuminate red and it will say "red". It comes with multiple colored chips as well so your little one can just scan the chips. Your little one can enjoy different games with this toy. My son knew his colors after playing with the toy once. ONCE. He engaged with it on his own quite often and he knew his colors at a very ealry age without much guidance at all.

The next toy was an unexpected toy as it is not very popular, Think and Learn Measure with Me! Froggy. This little guy has a measuring tape that is retractable and counts aloud. One complaint I have is that is does not measure in inches or anything more practical , but it introduces the concept of measuring quite well. Not my favorite of the three, but it was very affordable and worth the ten dollars. Liam from time to time reaches for it to measure something and then tells me "Mom it is 10 long!".

Different than the other two toys, the code-a-pillar does not say any words, but instead makes adorable noises and songs. The toy does a great job moving along all of the surfaces in our home and has held up against the dog hair on the floor really well. It is very durable and does not stop with jammed wheels. The USB ports also connect and disconnect easily and do not jam or break despite any sticky hands that slam them together for whatever reason. It will notify you if anything is in its way so it will not break by slamming into a wall and continue to push itself onto it. We have tried.