• Kaylie

Tieks = yes and more info you should know

Stylish, classy, recognizable, luxurious, handmade, and overall a high quality product, Tieks flats have completely won me over.

In my previous blog, "Are Tieks Worth It" I addressed some concerns I had with my experience with my first pair "lovestruck" which I concluded, I still loved despite the hiccups I encountered with them. Now that I have had experience with 2 other pairs, my viewpoint has changed a little so I wanted to revisit the topic.

First off, you need to understand the differences in the finishes on different colored Tieks. I made the "mistake" (totally don't regret it, but I would have preferred to have been more informed before opting to purchase one of the most delicate finishes) of only purchasing one pair which was a delicate finish. I also did not know that I needed to treat my Tieks before wearing them out and about. I assumed they could encounter various weather conditions and dust and dirt without any issues. Tieks clearly states on their website that the "stucks" line : "The iridescent foil finish may fade naturally with wear" - aka wear it when it counts and know if you love them too much, the finish will fade, which is exactly what happened to mine. Which is completely fine. I walked over 130 miles in them in Paris and they glimmered and I had absolutely no blisters or sore feet after my adventures. COMPLETELY WORTH IT, EVERY PENNY.

Because I wore down my first pair, I decided to scoop up 2 more pairs: matte black and rose gold glam. I immediately recognized the difference in durability and finish with my matte black pair. I never worry about it collecting dust or discoloring when I am using them, I simply enjoy the comfort. I look forward to collecting more classic colors in the future. My other pair is also considered a delicate finish, however, it has held up perfectly because I applied a protection coat to the flats. Patents are in my future and I will write again on them once I get my hands on a pair!

Here is information about different types of Tieks finishes you should know (I wish I had known originally!)

1. As you may have guessed (I hope you caught on), not all finishes are the same. The two types of leather Tieks use is full-grain and top-grain leather. Full-grain leather is the crème de la crème of leathers. The best. Top-grain leather is also a desirable type of leather, but it is more prone to wearing more easily and will look more wrinkled and is embossed with a uniform pattern. However do not let this deter you from the Tieks with top-grain as some of the cutest colors (in my opinion) are top grain!

2. Socialize online with other Tieksters! That is right, there are official Tieks groups out there on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! I cannot begin to write on everything I have learned but the groups are a great resource from how to take care of your Tieks to adorable outfit ideas and rants on the newest limited edition colors... which brings me to...

3. Tieks releases limited edition colors that are only available for a limited time; and they are ALWAYS gorgeous and unique. Once they are gone, they are in the vault and rarely if ever are released again. Some examples of popular limited edition colors are Love Potion and Raspberry Truffles!

4. Drivers heel can occur on these shoes if you are not careful and aware. Some advice to avoid wearing of the back heel of the shoe is to protect it with a sock or to take them off while driving.

5. They have "vegan" options which are fabric options which are enjoyable regardless of your opinions on animal ethics.

6. The toe boxes can differ on each pair. Remember, they are handmade so each pair will vary slightly. If you are not happy with the toe box or the fit you can easily exchange them with their customer service team until you find the right fit! Just make sure you test them out in the house in order for this to be valid!