• Kaylie

Truth about tieks

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I remember the day I discovered Tieks. I idealized the shoes and saved for about a year bit by bit to justify their cost. I read the good the bad and the ugly about them, and I want to share my opinion. Please read all the way through. 

After what seemed to be endless internal debates about what color would mesh well with my capsule closet, I finally settled on the lovestruck tiek and to this day, overall, I am very happy with them.

I don't want to deceive anyone and say they are perfect. They are not. They became dirty very easily, but overall still maintained their unique glimmer. The dirt and dust seems to gather around the toes and on this finish. The dust seems to be permanent at this point as leather cleaners and lint removers have not worked. I plan on taking them to a professional shoe repair shop and hope they have a solution. 

I also experienced one of the biggest complaints about tieks; a piece of the blue rubber bottom randomly detached. HOWEVER, to be fair, the part that did this was rather small and was outside of the stitched seam connecting the rubber base to the shoe so functionally, it still maintained it's structure and support. At the time I was livid. I then snipped the small piece off and put them away for a week. 

As they stood still, I couldn't resist their comfort and unique beauty. I forgave the company and slipped them back onto my feet. A perfect fit. I gave them a "second chance". To this day, I still wear them.

I walked roughly 250 miles in them over the span of 3 months before the rubber piece dethatched. I have walked about 100 miles since and they have not changed. They look a little worn in, but I like the genuine leather look. I love the wrinkled leather look and with this particular color finish, you don't notice it. I would love to purchased a black pair or the poppy color next, as I am confident that finish would not blemish as easily as the lovestruck. 

Regarding their customer service; I felt they responded in an appropriate timely manner and when I expressed my concerns about the dust on the toes and sent a photo they offered a promotional code. I did not contact them regarding the rubber detachment, and I feel it is not necessary at this point considering the flats work and look the same.

Now, when I google tieks a few popular questions come up so here are my answers and yeah some of the questions are awkward but here we go:

Do the inside of the tieks stain? Yes. My foot mark is darker so you can see it, but it proves to me it is real leather.

Do they make your feet smell? NO. And I am so embaressed to admit that many shoes have been victims to my foot sweat and stink, but my tieks somehow do not smell, even when I walked 20 miles in them one day.

Do they give any foot support? A little. It does not give that much arch support, but it certainly doesn't feel like water shoes; it has more support and the rubber bottoms absorb quite a bit. I preferred to wear my tieks on cobblestone on my trip to Paris vs all of my other shoes on that trip

Can you see your toes/ does it mold into your toes? Yes somewhat. You can kind of see the tips, but they still look cute. This is hard for me to admit because I am a pointed toe type of gal

Would you buy another pair? Yes. In poppy and black. 

Is it worth the price? This is a tough question. Budgeting for shoes is dependent on your income and other factors. Life-style also contributes to determining this for yourself as some people would only wear them here and there based on weather vs some people might wear them every other day. For me, it was worth it.