• Kaylie

Weekend trip packing: monochromatic

Black on black. It is chic, makes shopping and getting dressed easy, and slimming... what else could you ask for! This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for more information.

Although I am guilty of dressing in black monochromatic clothing multiple times a week, I want to share an example of traveling over a warm weekend to a city! The cities where this look will be accepted immediately are: Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, LA, Paris, Milan, Toronto, Portland, and many others.

How to nail monochromatic clothing style:

- Focus on texture - add interest to the outfit - for example lace, velour, silk, sheer, thick knitting, fuzziness, pattern (yes you can find the same color pattern onto of that color)

-Focus on fit - the better it fits, the more polished and chic you look. Remember well fitted clothing does not imply form fitting/tight. Sometimes a wide leg pant can fit well without hugging you

- Bring in metallic elements or pops of color with accessories and jewelry- this allows you to dress easily and create a monochromatic clothing wardrobe, but allow it to be unique with the flare from you accessories and SUPRISE if you decide you no longer like that trendy weird necklace you bought a year ago, you won't have to trash your clothing

- Exude confidence. It feels odd wearing the same color onto and on the bottom like a walking crayon, but believe me, you love that maxi dress that is all one color, so what difference is it if it is pants and a top instead?

Here is the jewelry, accessories, and shoes I selected for my upcoming weekend trip where I am rocking monochromatic black.

Here is what made the cut from my extensive all black capsule wardrobe: Detailed crop top, A line fit and flare skirt by Ted Baker (a favorite of mine), tee-shirt dress, fitter short sleeve top, silky cropped palazzo pants with sheerish stripes, a blazer, linen shorts, bodycon midi skirt (NOT MINI), swim suit set!