• Kaylie

What to get baby

What should you put on your registry? What should you get as a gift for a new parent and baby? These questions are trending on social media and so I wanted to give a list of my personal favorites! Who am I to have an opinion on this matter? I am a mother and I spent a lot of time researching products and reading reviews and I also used many different products and here are the ones I would buy again and again for each baby and for other families:

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1. The Mamaroo

I know this is not in everyone's budget, but when I was a first time mom, I made it a priority to be in my budget and I did not regret it. Every baby responds to swings in different manners, but I found that my son felt comfortable, happy and relaxed in the Mamaroo in comparison to the other bouncers and swings we had. I love that I could Bluetooth my own preferred music and content to my son. I had one swing that had the creepiest sounding music when the batteries were low which made my son cry - really it was so creepy sounding! With various swinging motions and speeds, I was able to "mix it up" and keep it interesting for my son. I bought the plush insert which made it more comfortable and my son LOVED the included plush ball mobile which has bright colors on one side for when he was older and black and white geared towards earlier development. The plush mobile shapes even came out of the mobile so the baby can touch and squeeze them! Proof is in the photo!

2. Multi-functional Activity Cubes and Walkers

Here are some of my favorites (stock photos have rights reserved from original parties who took the photos/ not mine):

Activity Cube

Chomping Walker by Melissa and Doug

This walker was a huge hit for my son! The adorable wooden alligators "chomp" as it is pushed making it fun to push, motivating little ones to walk and work on balancing themselves as they walk. My son would even push it around while crawling!

3. Touch and Feel Books

My son loved to "read" and explore books, especially touch and feel books. I found that he really enjoyed Usborne's "Baby's very first touchy-feely Animal Playbook" which had beautiful visuals and a variety of illustrated animals in their natural environments and had more interesting textures than most other books.

4. Gowns

Most parents make the assumption that all of the adorable outfits available are practice for everyday life with baby. I hate to break it to you, but explosions from baby dripping down its leg into the footed outfit where it then is all over baby's foot or all over the cute tulle skirt you bought is likely to ruin one of your days. I highly advise getting every baby some gowns. The allow access to easy changes without needing to button and snap and they are fun for the little one to kick their feet around in and push with little feet (so cute). Gowns also fit a larger range of time for example 0-6 months! Babies grow out of clothing so quickly, so something that grows with them really can help save on unneeded costs.

5. Crib Necessities

Our son not only slept in his crib, but we also allowed him to play in it while awake. For sleeping we kept a minimum amount of "stuff" in the crib, but we always wanted the crib to be an exciting space as well and be used as a tummy time area. We opted for sheets with colorful cartoon animals driving vehicles, a stuffed octopus with tentacles that could be squeezed to make different sounds and had colorful patterns on it.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Octopus Fun

2. Reversible Safe Crib Toy (2 stage development)

3. Colorful Affordable Unisex Crib Sheets

4. Colorful Animal Mobile Toy