• Kaylie

Why I wear Black

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I wear a lot of black. And not just black... ALL black outfits - monochromatic. I do like to add in pops of colors as accents whether it is a bright nail color or shoe, but I guess it is true, once you go black you won't go back ( for your waredrobe that is ).

1. Simplicity

It is easy to shop for black - you know what color you need and look at your options and analyze quality and likability and price. It is easy to figure out an outfit... it all matches and the staple pieces should be easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Trust me, if you love laziness, this is what I consider smart laziness. Doing laundry is less stressful... oh it's darks only. Faded clothing? No problem just die it all together (easy). You also do not need to worry about your undergarment colors showing though like you would a white or lighter color tee - bright red no problem with black over it! Packing for a trip - trust me it is simpler with all black.

2. Classic

As mentioned above black is easy to dress up or down and it also is always in style. Because it is always in style, you do not need to feel pressured to give into trends or even look into them. You also have the peace of mind that it will always be availble to purchase when you need to ( all seasons every year). It looks proffessional, sleek, sexy, and elegant all at the same time if exicuted properly. No need to worry if a print is offputting or expressed you properly or looks tacky or dated - black is basic. There is a reason everyone says you need a little black dress (because it is classic)! It also can go with any metalic and jewel for jewelry making it extremely versitle.

3. Compliments Your Body

We all know black is slimming... but there are some other things to consider about wearing black. Black creates a defined silouette which gives a concrete mental image of your body to others... which after a while of admiring will draw their eyes away from the outfit and onto your features... your exposed skin areas, face, and hair. I also think it looks great on everey skin tone, Colors are finiky and then you have to worry about if they are in season... I do love good color pieces, but you have you understand your skintone, you do not want to wear colors that make you look washed out or ill.

4. I Plan to Wear Waredrobe Items for Years and Years

All in all, considering the previous points, creating a great black waredrobe allows me to believe that it will save me money in the long run and to feel as though my choice is helping build a more sustainable lifestyle. Up front, spending on nicer quality black items was intense and I am still adding a few pieces here and there, but I am confident it will help control my spending habits on clothing, accessories, shoes, etc considering I will not look at a piece of clothing and wonder if I need to replace it because it is too recognizable if I wear it too much or if it is dated and feel the need to get something new. I also believe that is it difficult for others to notice when you rewear black clothing again and again.

5. It Makes Me Feel Confident

I am not concerned about stains when wearing it - yeah I actually wrote that and put it out there. I know I am always dressed to impress whether going to a business meeting (just throw on a blazer if in doubt) or going out to a dinner or party. I like that it will look great with whatever makeup look I want to wear. I like the way my body looks in the color (the silouttes it creates). Look good, feel good.